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BRAIN TRAINING: Logic, combining shapes, and spatial imagination are trained playfully ‚Äď and usually not only little logicians have fun ūüėČ

BE CREATIVE: Endless creations are possible with these puzzle pieces that fit together in all directions, be it 2D or 3D, in your own creations or inspired by the game ideas in the booklet!

DEVELOPED BY GERMAN EXPERTS: Exceeding European and American toy safety standards is not enough for us. Our team of German educational experts and engineers designed this Montessori toy for an exceptionally durable and safe playtime!

WITH EXTRA PIECES: If a puzzle piece is ever lost or hidden under the cabinet, it doesn‚Äôt matter ‚Äď because the set contains a replacement for all pieces!

100% SATISFACTION: Quality is our top priority as a German-American company! Made of solid wood, premium materials in high-quality packaging ‚Äď 100% plastic-free ‚Äď this Montessori toy is an ideal gift!


There is something that accompanies us from early infancy and that the human brain is constantly and constantly trying to figure out:

logical connections!

Among other things, spatial imagination and problem-solving skills have always played an important role in logical thinking.

Shapes, numbers, and mathematical connections have always attracted people and usually, it is enough to slightly support this natural inclination and offer it the necessary tools, and it will unfold.

Because children enjoy learning and they should keep it!

Exactly this natural interest of children is promoted by our Tetralino wooden puzzle. Because the logical and mathematical basic promotion is for EXTASTICKS an essential component in the holistic development of our children.

The Tetralino wooden puzzle from EXTASTICKS not only promotes basic mathematical understanding in a playful way: The puzzle was developed with the aim of also stimulating fine motor skills, concentration, and the interaction of both sides of the brain.

The more intensive interconnectedness in the brain namely results from the fact that the intuitively improvising right brain hemisphere discovers new creative connections and play possibilities, while the analytically rational left brain hemisphere is occupied with solving problems.

Who can’t get excited about their own or close children or grandparents discovering new connections and learning new things while playing and having a really good time at the same time?

The wooden puzzle is namely also very popular with grandmas and grandpas!

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