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ENTERTAINMENT, LEARNING, AND FUN: The colorful stacking cups keep children playing for hours, they are great fun for baths or playtime on the beach! With differently shaped small holes in the bottom for water to drain out in different ways

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: This educational baby toy favors not only fun but also children’s learning by playing and developing manual skills. Stacking cups help kids learning to identify and sort colors, shapes, and sizes. The cups are bright and colorful to visually stimulate kids

BPA-FREE AND NON-TOXIC: This bath toy is made of durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free material (ABS), like very robust and durable material. Having as highest priority the safety of our children, all cups have all soft edges for the highest safety

SAFETY FOR TODDLERS: These stacking cups are manufactured under the strictest international safety standards, according to ASTM and CE, tested and certified by accredited laboratories to ensure material safety

PLAY ON THE BEACH OR IN THE TUB: Stackable cups are the perfect fun gift. Suitable for boys and girls, ideal to play outside during hot summer days, on the beach, in the water, or while taking a beautiful and fun bath.

Safe and high quality
Our stacking cups are made of durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free material (ABS), having as the highest priority the safety of our children. The cups have all soft edges for the highest safety.

Logical reasoning
Each cup has holes for easy draining, so your child can watch and experience the water or sand drain when playing in the bathtub, on the beach, or modeling dough.

Educational and colorful
With this toy, your children will learn about colors, sizes, shapes, and numbers during playtime. While developing motor skills, these toys provide hours of fun and learning!
  • A lovely Crab
  • A beautiful Shark
  • An amazing Starfish
  • A happy Whale
  • A funny Seal
  • An excited Clownfish
  • A strong Sea turtle
  • A brave Seashell

This stacker toy includes 8 pieces of progressively-sized cups with different sea animals
This toy is fun and challenges your children’s ability to stack pieces in proper sizing order teaching them color and forms.

Differently shaped holes on the bottom of each cup allow water or sand to stream out in different ways

Can be played at home, in the bathtub, and at the beach!
Your children will love it!

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