Our Mission


Our mission is to promote trust, mutual respect, optimism, and joy among children and their educators. And gifts are the perfect excuse to do it!

Today the most advanced scientific studies have proven that we create our reality based on what we think and feel – we feel and think based on what we focus on!

“The outside” is only a reflection of what we have “inside”.

Sowing thoughts and emotions that generate a pleasant and elevated state of optimism and enthusiasm to get in tune with what we really yearn for!

Most parents think a lot about what’s best for their kids – so do we. That’s how Extasticks was born!


If a gift can change a life, it also has. the potential to change the world!

At Extasticks we love to play, have fun, imagine, create and inspire! We are passionate about gifts and the magical world of relationships.

We believe that a world with more people giving and receiving gifts is a better place to live.

Children are natural “gift-givers”. They collect flowers or any other little gift to give to their parents, friends, to their brothers and sisters…

They do it simply because it makes them feel good and happy!

What happens when you cut a flower in your garden and give it to that special person? From the neurophysiology to psychology, all the energy transforms, and we literally change our state.

Our brain lights up and automatically generates serotonin, the substance of happiness!

That’s why we make gifts and inspire people to give gifts: it generates pleasure and happiness for all!


Our internal and external independent quality inspections certify our product safety and assure the highest safety standards internationally which are exceeded by all our toys.

If there is however anything you are not 100% satisfied with, you can always return your product – no questions asked.

We are totally sure that our product will satisfy you and your kid’s needs and will be so much fun to play with!
Quality, safety, best workmanship and a fair performance ratio is important to us.

For our products we use only high-quality materials and already the development runs hand in hand with experienced therapists, loving parents, as well as educators with holistic orientation.

All products also go through a strict quality control and exceed the European toy safety standards.

Therefore, we can also say with full confidence that we are fully committed to what we deliver to our customers and are dedicated to fulfilling wishes and making children’s eyes light up!

You can truly have the expectation to be completely satisfied with your lovingly developed educational toys!

Playing and learning together, having and implementing ideas, and sharing all of this with friends and family brings endless joy and connects not only children and their parents, but also children of different ages.