About Us

Our Vision

The most sacred freedom is the freedom to THINK. Thinking means acting, performing, having the power to make things happen. This is thinking: bring the ideas of the mental world to the material world.

The tools to practice and promote this power in children, are educational toys and activities oriented with this purpose.

The most advanced sciences show that more than 75% of what we perceive and incorporate in our life as learning, is governed by PHYSIOLOGY, that is, by the interaction we have with the environment that surrounds us through our touch and all our corporality. It is proven that a simple smile, a simple movement, a simple action can generate millions of neuronal connections in the brain more than an image or a sound.

The VANGUARD SCIENCES today have proven that the slowest way to learn is through listening, where only one sense (the ear) intervenes. Followed by the reading (where more senses already participate (hearing, seeing). The most effective and forceful way to learn is the EXPERIENCE, when we take action, when we practice and pass through the body – that´s when we really understand it and the knowledge get fixed in the mind.

We can see a thousand videos, or read 100 books on how to build a toy bridge, but what will really set awareness in consciousness is action and practice – really build it – because all the senses participate and the brain uses all the available resources.

The moment in which children create and capture things that are in their imagination in the real world, the moment they see in the physical world what was previously in their mind, is the moment when they begin to be aware of their creative power, their potential, their freedom and their responsibility as human being.

That is why EDUCATIONAL TOYS are so important to stimulate children’s learning and development of all the mental and emotional capacities, and why they are becoming increasingly important and are among the most required items by the most advanced teaching institutions in the world.

That is the main reason why we promote educational toys and interactive games among our children.

Our Mission

Our mission is for the current and future generation of children to be happier, freer and more prosperous than ours. That our children enjoy a high and healthy self-esteem, that allows them to achieve everything that they propose in life.

Our intention is to promote, propel and stimulate – through all the toys and activities that we offer – the interaction of parents and children, of the whole family, so that each individual develops through games his own individuality, recognizes his own shine and personal power.

This is our real mission in Extasticks behind everything we do and promote.

Core Values and Culture

There isn´t probably anything more important in the world than the EDUCATION and DEVELOPMENT of our children, however often due to lack of time, lack of interest, fear or comfort we delegate the most important task we have in others, in third parties : grandparents, teachers, trainers, etc…

In our culture, that is no longer possible. We are the main responsible for the development of our children and those who are most committed to their future. there is nothing more important.

That’s why we dedicate ourselves with passion, enthusiasm and commitment to develop and promote the BEST possible toys to play, learn, develop and grow as strong, healthy and happy children.

We believe and TRUST that we – as parents – are the main actors, the biggest influencers in the lives of our children and that is why we dedicate all our time and effort to improve ourselves and give them the best version of ourselves. Like this they will have us as their greatest references, and by imitating us, they learn to live with high confidence and security, with a purpose of life and with a beautiful and great smile.

If we do not commit ourselves to the development and future of our children, nobody else will. 



Hi, I'm Annette I was born in Stuttgart, German and am a mother of two children.
As a child, I was already interested in how things are created and transformed, and so at some point I also became a mechanical engineer. As a strategy consultant-first through.

The Boston Consulting Group, later in my own company - I continued to travel to many places in the world and also got to
know various social children's projects that inspired me.

Extasticks was born out of my heart's desire that as many children as possible experience a happy childhood that prepares them well for their future.

Annette Häfele
CEO and Co-founder