Educational Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy On Rainy Days


Worried about your kids getting too much screen time when the weather won’t let them play outside? What if you could turn their love of technology into an educational activity that will keep them busy and engaged in learning? Here are six ideas from Extasticks to help you do just that.


Listen to an Audiobook


Take advantage of a rainy day to virtually visit your library, and use your library app to borrow ebooks or audiobooks for free. Select a novel your children would enjoy listening to. Offer snacks and beverages and turn their listening session into a book club meeting, where they can pause after each chapter and discuss character development and plot points or look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary. You can also ask their teachers for a recommended reading list so your kids can get a headstart on their schoolwork.


Brainstorm a Business


A rainy day can provide a perfect setting for brainstorming a family business idea with your kids. The soothing sound of rain and the cozy indoor atmosphere can spark creativity and foster open communication. This is a chance to explore your children's interests, talents, and entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it's a craft-making venture, a YouTube channel, a baking business, or a tech startup, the possibilities are endless. Encourage them to think outside the box, discuss potential challenges, and plan strategies. This not only teaches them about entrepreneurship but also helps in building problem-solving skills, teamwork, and resilience. Plus, it's a great way to bond as a family, making the most of a gloomy day by planting the seeds for a sunny future.


Create an Awesome Playlist, Then Dance to It


Let your kids select their favorite tunes and play DJ in the living room. Use your audio streaming provider of choice to play popular songs and discover hidden gems from new artists. You can also use that activity as an opportunity to introduce them to your favorite bands! Once they have their playlist curated, they can add movement to the rhythm and choreograph a dance or two. Have a digital camera lying around? Film them in action so they can watch themselves later, then share the fun with friends and family. 


Games and Toys


Make a list of unexpected questions that will stump your guests! Pick a favorite book or movie and come up with queries regarding characters, dialogue, and storylines. You can go the old-school route and host a pen-and-paper trivia!


For your younger kids, encourage them to play with educational toys from Extasticks. These eco-friendly toys are great for thoughtful playtime.


After playtime is over, be sure to enlist your kids’ help in tidying up. Keeping home clean is an important life lesson to learn growing up, and showing your kids how to be responsible will pay dividends throughout their lives.


Take a Walk in the Rain


Walking in the rain with your kids can be a delightful and enriching experience, breaking the notion that rainy days mean staying indoors. The gentle patter of raindrops, the fresh scent of the earth, and the sight of glistening leaves can turn a simple walk into an adventure. It's an opportunity to teach your kids about nature, weather patterns, and even life's metaphorical storms. To ensure safety, you can use a Walk Score map to plot a safe walking route around your neighborhood or local park. This tool allows you to identify pedestrian-friendly paths, ensuring your walk is not just fun, but also safe. So, grab those raincoats and boots, and embark on a refreshing journey, splashing in puddles and making lasting memories.


Make Memories Together


Encourage your children to plan a fun outing or activity for a later date so they have something to look forward to when school is out or when the weather is finally cooperating. By doing something fun, you’ll create memorable experiences. Give them some parameters to work with (such as how far you’re willing to travel, for how long, and how much you can spend). Then, let them go online and research a destination for a day trip or a weekend adventure. Afterward, let them create a vision board with photos, newspaper or magazine clippings, and other inspiring items so they can visualize their planned outing.


Turning a rainy day into a fun, educational, and inspiring adventure can mean a lot to your kids. So let your children explore their talents and creativity with what's available to them. And even when you’re busy with work and tight deadlines, carve out time to plan fun events with your kids. You’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime. 


Author: Emily Graham

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