There is something that already accompanies us in our mother’s womb, that we recognize and that always touches us, no matter whether it sounds louder, softer, softer, wilder, faster, or slower: Rhythms!

Rhythmic movements, be it those of the heart or the pulse beat, are not only essential for survival but can also be a true balm for the ears and the whole body. Especially for children, vibrations created by rhythms they play themselves have beneficial, calming, healing, and nurturing effects on the whole organism.

But it is not only rhythms that experience resonance in the body, musicality, hearing, and a sense of rhythm that is trained, but also the motor skills of the hands and fingers and, above all, the interaction of both hemispheres of the brain are playfully stimulated by rhythm instruments.

The intuitively improvising right hemisphere of the brain discovers new rhythm sequences, while the analytically rational left hemisphere of the brain deals with note values and lengths and their assignment, whereby both hemispheres of the brain are playfully connected and become active.

This is exactly what our drum set promotes, and it thus supports musical development as an important component in the holistic development of our children.

Making music is undoubtedly one of the activities that not only promote motor skills and analytical stimulation but also have a healing integrative effect and is simply a lot of fun!

Who doesn’t love to see their own or close children having fun while playing, making music, and learning through play?

Making music together, inventing rhythms, singing along to them, and sharing all this with friends and family is huge fun and connects not only children and their parents but also children of different ages – and playfully promotes a sense of rhythm and beat as well as musicality.

Why our drum set?

Developed by a German team of educators and experts, we not only pay attention to safety and value in education but also emphasize the sustainability of the materials we use, the certification of all parts – and furthermore, we avoid plastic, even in the packaging!

Educational value, safety, and playful learning experiences for the adults of tomorrow are close to our hearts and in the same way, we care about our customers – that’s why we are always here for you!

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